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Daniel Zinn, Israeli concert violinist and conductor.

Since the time he began playing, Mr. Zinn has always been surrounded by a diversity of musical influences. Whether it was the religious music he grew up playing in the synagogue or the performances with cuban bands in New York City, apart from his favorite classical music, he always looked in many directions for inspiration-- Just like the great composers of the past. He developed a unique stye of playing music that reflects his deep affection for sound, in all it’s forms.

Recently he has graduated with a Master of Music in the class of the legendary violinist and pedagogue, Maestro Aaron Rosand. With the maestro, Mr. Zinn worked on violin miniatures, exploring this forgotten art which played such a

big role in the history of recital perfromances. Mr. Zinn frequently incorporates such pieces in his programs.


As soloist Mr. Zinn has performed with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Jerusalem Conservatory Orchestra, Jerusalem Student Orchestra and given many recitals.


His second home is chamber music, and apart from performing it in halls like the Konzerthaus in Berlin and studying it several years with members of the

Jerusalem Quartet, Daniel has been hosting for the past year and a half weekly chamber music parties, going together with his colleagues over all the main chamber music repertoire, in an effort to really get aquatinted with all the

benefits of playing a violin.


Apart from violin, as an organic development of his interest in music, Daniel began conducting and has recently formed together with a colleague NewOrch which will be performing extensively in NYC this year under his baton.